Outdoor High Capacity Tote Bag Cutting Template Ruler - 2 PCS A+B (With Instructions)

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Size : Small(8 inch)
Stop throwing away the discarded fabric, The Outdoor Tote Bag Cutting Template Ruler is a must-have tool for any professional tailor or sewing enthusiast.Not only can you splice fabric but also leather! Fashionable and beautiful.(A Set with StyleA + Style B)

This product is designed to help you create perfectly sized and shaped tote bags that are perfect for outdoor use. It features a range of useful features, including a large capacity for storing all your essentials, making it an ideal choice for mothers and daughters who want to enjoy outdoor adventures together.

The cutting template ruler is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its convenient design also makes it easy to use, allowing you to create beautiful tote bags quickly and easily.

With its combination of convenience, capacity, and quality, the Outdoor Tote Bag Cutting Template Ruler is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create stunning tote bags for any occasion.


It's very easy to make, with our templates you can save a lot of time and also be able to make different styles, you just need to go and choose the fabric you like and you can start anytime. And it is possible to make unlimited!


Material: Acrylic 3mm Thick&PVC

Size: Small-8 inch; Medium-12 inch; Large-15 inch

Package List:

Hexagon-shaped Tote Bag Template Cutting Ruler + Manual

Cute Basket bag Pattern Template Cutting Ruler+ Manual

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